about Shannon, about erosophy

ShannonI am a teacher, student, writer, mystic, theologian, minister, & lover trying to surf the face of the deep with some grace and style. I call Vancouver, Canada home. I like to laugh, cry, play, pray, sing, and dance. I also like to lovingly disrupt people’s lives to help break open new, novel possibilities for how we might live.

This word, erosophy, is one that I’ve been playing with to try and describe what my passion is. I adore wisdom literature, I adore the discourses of philosophy and theology, I also adore the world. How do I articulate my attentiveness, alongside the highly thoughtful discourses of the mind, to the body as well?

“Philosophy” means love of wisdom : philo + sophia. I decided that my love of wisdom actually comes closer to an eros love that is interested and passionate than a philos love that is disinterested and distant.

And so in looking for a catchy title for my blog, I remembered this word. I’m not going to claim total credit for it, I’m sure others have thought of it, and just because I’d never heard it before my mind latched onto it, doesn’t mean I can own the word. A quick google of the word reveals an interesting mix of people who have stumbled into its rich linguistic possibility.

I could probably just spend most of my time writing entries that reflect on the word ‘erosophy’… what do you think of it?

4 thoughts on “about Shannon, about erosophy

  1. Hi Shannon!

    Great website! Hope this finds you well.

    I’d like to run something by you–what’s the best email address to reach you?


    Don Compier

  2. It is always nice to encounter a fellow erosophist.

    I have been using that term, (ironically, I thought that I coined it first, and later discovered usage by others predating my first usage) since about ’96. I was a student studying Koine aka “ἡ κοινὴ διάλεκτος” and the LXX as well as the early church father’s writings.

    I’m looking forward to more of your blog posts

    I can be reached at “Princekermit(at)Gmail(dot)com

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