caprese salad that’s easy to eat

I love the flavour of a nice caprèse salad: basil, bocconcini, tomato and dressing. Simply delicious. There’s only one problem, when one is trying to serve it at a casual meal, it can be difficult to serve and eat effectively.

Enter the humble skewer, always coming to the rescue at a time of need!

In this twist on the classic we take one bocconcini, one cherry tomato (or chunk of chopped tomato), and one leaf of basil, put them on a stick, and end up with perfect bite-size mini-salads! When serving a crowd I opt for the pre-marinated bocconcini to avoid the extra step of making dressing. It would probably be just as easy to by the plain ones and just drizzle the whole lot with some good olive oil and balsamic. Delish.