in defense of my vice: iPhone

Sidebar intro: So I've taken on a new challenge: blog more! And with the help of I actually feel like it will be possible to blog a lot more often than I was. So my goal is one blog a week. Can I do it? Of course! Let's see what happens!

iPhone 4.0

My number 1 vice has to be my iPhone. I didn't think of it as one until I was talking to one of my Aunties about how much I pay a month for my plan… she responded with something along the lines of "well, I guess that's your indulgence then, some people drink or smoke, you have your iPhone!"

Seriously though, I love my iPhone and can't wait to get the new iPhone 4. I started with it because I wanted to streamline my life, to be able to carry 1 device instead of 3 (palm pilot, cell phone, ipod). And it has done exactly that. I am way less likely to miss appointments, miss calls (I never used to hear my phone ring when I was in transit because I was always listening to my iPod!), and way more likely to connect with people.

I don't think I'd ever quit it at this point, it just makes my life so much smoother, and more social as well. Some might say that technology separates people, but I beg to differ. It's technology that brings me together with my friends and family, when I see via facebook that a friend has the day off and is looking for something to do, or when I discover a common passion for cooking between myself and a coworker via twitter, or when I read the blog of my sister who is biking the coastal highway between Vancouver, BC and Mexico.

I will defend my iPhone vice to the end! It's not such a bad habit really, things could be much worse I'm sure!

the last time I thanked someone

The last time I thanked someone out loud was this morning when I was thanking people who had helped with the church service. And actually, when I was doing that, I was thinking "I should really send some of these people thank-you notes, because that would be really nice." I think really sincere thank-you's are becoming less and less common, especially the written-down kind.

Just recently I sent a card in the mail to a friend who had responded with great kindness and caring when I'd needed help. The friend remarked at how wonderful it was to receive something in the mail that was addressed to him properly, that wasn't a bill or junk mail. How sad it is that "real mail" is so rare in our culture today! There's nothing I love more than opening my mailbox to find something personal and delightful inside!

This past month or so the most exciting pieces of mail I've received have been postcards from my sister who is biking the coastal highway, from Vancouver, here in BC, all the way to the Mexico border! Her colourful reminders of this epic journey she is on are so special and I know I will treasure them for years.

So all this talk of mail makes me think that my idea this morning of sending out thank-you notes is a good one worth pursuing, to put a little bit of happiness inside a deserving person's mailbox.

modern coleslaw remix

Super tangy and delicious!

The salad:

1 small bunch young carrots (the kind you don’t have to peel) chopped matchstick-size

2 stalks celery, chopped matchstick-size

1/2 small head of purple cabbage, sliced

1 handful peashoots

5 stalks green onion, slice thin the thick white part, then slice the green part into larger matchstick-size pieces

The dressing:

1/4 cup plain yogurt

1 tbsp olive oil

pinch of salt

pinch of freshly ground pepper

1 tbsp dried herbs (I used boquet garnis, but you could use whatever you’re in the mood for, or probably 2-3 tbsp of fresh herbs would work well.)

Mix all ingredients together well.

Serve alongside something else as a salad, or try it in a wrap or pita.