“The universe is made of stories.”

-Rob Brezsny


witnessing kindness

The other night when I was on the bus I witnessed a beautiful act of kindness by strangers: The bus was very full and everyone was having trouble getting on and off because there were so many people crowded around the door. I watched an older woman make her way to the door with two enormous bags in tow, and I was worried that the people around the door would not make the space for her to go by. But then as the doors opened people did make room and a gentleman by the door held the door open with his own body, passed the woman’s bags to another passenger on the street, and gave the woman his hand to help her off the bus. The passenger on the street also made sure the woman got safely to the sidewalk with her bags. Then those same two passengers made sure the rest of the people at that stop all got safely onto the bus as well, offering hands of help to anyone who found the leap from curb to bus difficult.

It was so beautiful to see strangers working together to help each other. Too often I find that people rode public transit selfishly, only thinking if themselves, oblivious to the way their actions are affecting the people around them.